Understanding SEO

   You hear a lot about search engine optimization or SEO, but often what that means is a mixed bag. Many people don't understand what SEO is, or that there are many kinds of SEO and that you don't have to be an expert to improve your SEO. There is both on-page and off-page SEO. The thing to remember is that SEO tactics change continuously based on the algorithms that the search engines choose to use to help their audience find what they're looking for. The big key to remember is that the search engines are trying to deliver excellent results for their target audience. Your job is to help them. Off-Page SEO Off-page SEO consists of anything you do to improve search engine traffic and results such as inbound links, trust building, social media, blog promotion, videos, press releases, commenting and more. You can use all of these tactics to help build up your website's traffic and thus your conversions. Comment on Blogs and Forums  - Even if you're not allowed a link

How to Spy on Your Competitors to Grow Your Business

  In today’s world, there’s really no hiding anything. Especially when it comes to business. In this article, we’ll dive into ways that you can “spy” on your competitors to advance your company. Before we do that, let’s answer the question of whether or not it’s  ethical  to do so.  The word “spy” has a negative connotation to it so it can be a bit misleading.  But what we’re really trying to do here is  observe  what others are doing and finding ways to improve your business based on that data. We do  NOT  want to copy, rip-off, or steal. The goal is to  model   what’s working, avoid mistakes/pitfalls where possible, and provide the end-customer the best value and experience possible. Now, while we do want to focus on the competitors that are more "successful" than you, we also want to look at those who aren’t as successful as well. Why you might ask? It’s so you understand what’s keeping them from being more successful and learning what NOT to do. Because no matter whom you